Company Bios

Our fearless Peanut Shell leader, Jessi, Merchandising Director, is the older of two daughters who spent her younger years as a Scooby Doo loving, Care Bears lunch box toting, and bookish girl. She was bright and responsible from a young age, taking on everything from caring for her younger sister, to reading stock-piles of books, to playing the clarinet. Even today, Jessi has not lost her Scooby Doo problem solving skills or her desire to care for others; she brings professional solutions to complicated business problems for everything from marketing to new product development, Jessi is The Peanut Shell guru and she even takes personal initiative to volunteer for various social causes.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Michael's early beginnings may have suggested that he had a thrill for adventure. Mike's thrill for adventure was made clear not only by his Star Wars school t-shirt, but also by some of his favorite activities such as riding his Huffy bike and playing Freeze-Tag so he could chase girls – a true adventure! To this day, Michael is an adventurous and strong leader of Farallon Brands taking on everything from running the business to pursuing new ventures.

Growing up as the youngest of three boys, Glenn, who runs The Peanut Shell warehouse, was the quintessential tag-along. He loved to hang-out with his brothers and share in whatever they were doing. Glenn loved math for its absoluteness, didn't like vegetables and loved playing and watching basketball, in particular Magic Johnson and the Lakers. Today, Glenn continues to use his talent for math through his inventory tracking for The Peanut Shell. He has a knack for keeping track of multiple low and high volume orders and ensuring on-time shipping and receiving. Glenn keeps it all together for The Peanut Shell.

Scott, working in merchandising, grew up as a child wise beyond his years. He played international conflict games like "Statego", aspired to be President because he loved politics, science and math but despised war. In addition to being wise, however, Scott was creative and also had an early passion for home fashions. Today, Scott continues to demonstrate his wisdom and his creativity through his business acumen and strategic and innovative development of tradeshow displays and content for The Peanut Shell.

As a young child, marketing associate Rhonda had a thirst for all that was fun, creative and smart. She had a well-rounded balance of interests ranging from her favorite game Duck, Duck, Goose, to her favorite book Good Night Moon, to expressing her artistic talents by drawing on the white walls of her family's home! Today, Rhonda continues to demonstrate her intelligence, creativity, adaptable and kind disposition by solving customer problems for The Peanut Shell.

From a young age, Amanda, working in business and communications, had a strong passion for learning and perfecting. In order to learn, she would try anything. From coloring contests to sports to participating in group organizations, Amanda would try almost anything at least once. Today, Amanda brings her desire to learn to understanding and enhancing business processes and communications.